Finally people are believing in my cause!

As some of you may know for the last 7 or 8 years I've devoted myself to advocating for those affected by mental illness, stopping the stigma of mental illness and helping survivors of abuse. Life Coaching, writing and motivational speaking have been the outlets I've used to try to get these causes heard. I… Continue reading Finally people are believing in my cause!


11K WordPress Followers!!

Congratulations to this beautiful and talented woman!!! She supports my little new blog, and always writes as if she’s smiling. Great energy and authentic humbleness, I encourage you to subscribe PoojaG💖💖💖😊


Omg you guys I can not believe lifesfinewhine has already reached 11K followers!

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It feels like just yeterday that I reached 10K and I am so happy at how fast this blog is growing lately!

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I am soooo thankful that you chose to subscribe to this blog and I am so thankful for all the likes, shares and amazing comments I’ve been receiving lately!

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I also just want to remind everyone that I have an official share and promote page on this blog where you can share your blog as well as find blogs to check out.

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Thank you again you guys are amazing and I hope you always continue to enjoy and support lifesfinewhine!

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I’m tired of hiding behind this smile

The thoughts attack me like a pit bull on the neck of a chiwawa. Why me???! Why me??! Why US??! WE have endured pain that's sometimes inexplicable. But we must smile and be pretty and not complain, that's the game! So when he touched us we mustn't say a word. We must maintain great mental… Continue reading I’m tired of hiding behind this smile

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Chapter 1: “Zya, My life Untold Mental Illness, Sexual abuse and Addiction”

My account of my life being sexually abused as a child, diagnosed with mental illness and becoming addicted to prescription medication. This is the first chapter where it all began.


I hate “phony” support…

I'm a real person, I have a real family, with real problems, and real bills! Like so many of you I would love to write everyday or just more than I'm able to do now. But with a husband and four children, it's pretty tough to do what you "want" and just stick to what… Continue reading I hate “phony” support…


The word LOVE isn’t strong enough

How can four letters explain the depth of my feelings for you? How can four letters determine if I have you, care about you, or lose you? How can I be "struck" (lovestruck) by the same thing I just "fell" (fell in love) for? How can four letters dictate the emotional connection to my body?… Continue reading The word LOVE isn’t strong enough