R. Kelly’s a monster, but what are the women who are trying to gain fame from lies?

Okay so I’ve been watching all and I do mean ALLL of the latest R. Kelly drama honey. And I’m wondering if I’m the only one torn on how I view the situation in its entirety.

On one hand I feel he needs to get what’s coming to him, and “true” victims should get justice. But after watching some of these ‘alleged’ victims touring News stations, I really had to reevaluate my consensus. I won’t mention names, but honeyyyy if you’ve been watching then you will definitely know whom I’m referring to, and this is just one woman. We have a 30 something former DJ who met him when she was VERY grown, who quit her job to live off (I mean with lol) R. Kelly. Now she’s a victim who was abused. Although she could of left anytime she wanted, she stayed… Maybe it was just for more research for her book and new movie deal?

I’m so upset with some of these women. I know that abuse is REAL, and some women are true victims. In this case I believe some of these ‘alleged’ victims are opportunistic! Benefiting from the real pain that I do believe some underage girls, as well as some naive women have went through in the clutches of R. Kelly. So is this fair and what’s going to happen when a judge finds holes in the stories of the ones who were NOT truly victimized? I believe the self serving women and parents should also be brought to justice… And Yes, some of these parents are sickening and their self serving greedy nature is so clear to me!

I know that it’s good ‘entertainment ‘ and financially gaining to media outlets. But what about the real victims? Their stories are being buried by all of the attention seeking and witch hunting. I am in no way defending Robert Kelly, in fact they should of got his ass in 2005. But this circus that’s going on being stuffed into our throats by the media is just painful, especially to true victims.

In the end I hope that all those who were victimized or are current victims get justice and help. And I want you to think before jumping on the bandwagon of “he did it’s”, apply common sense y’all . If you’re in your mind saying “I just don’t believe her, why is she doing such and such” don’t feel bad! You’re not defending him or saying he’s not a sick individual, but you’re saying STOP IT! they are taking away from the justice, and crimes that were committed to the actual victims.

We the people are watching all of this on the news, watching and judging the women who’s stories we don’t believe. The same people who could be on a jury if it went to trial! Them putting doubt in our minds is not right, especially when some of us do believe he is a predator. Although they are not proving this. I am so insulted and the public should be as well!

#Rkelly #MeToo #BlackMedia

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