There’s no such thing as a perfect parent, but wonderful parents who try their best are plentiful!

With the popularity of social media it’s easy for us a parents and mothers to question ourselves. Watching these “perfect” mothers who only feed their child organic food, gluten free, daily planning charts, frequent playdates, the safest vehicles, and all name brand clothes could really affect our confidence in our parenting skills.

I use to compare the birthday parties I planned, and almost every aspect of myself as a mother. Saying to myself I’m not good enough, I should be doing more, I shouldn’t of said that… Just creating anxiety about something I never questioned before. I mean my children are healthy, happy, respectful, intelligent, and well groomed. The idea of perfection is a facade in my opinion. There are great parents that don’t always follow a guideline created by false narratives depicted on social media.

You may not have to go as drastic as my husband and I did by completely eliminating social media, but you have to do what’s best for you in order to continue being the best parent you can be!

Our children are resilient, they know that everyday will not be perfect. They know that it’s not all the time that they’ll get everything they desire. Yet their joy and love for you doesn’t waiver when you do your best.

As a mother of four wonderful children, my pride in just being consistent is enough for me. I consistently hug and love on my babies. I consistently make sure they have hot meals throughout the day (even if not always home-cooked.) And I consistently do the best I can to remain being the best damn mom I can be!

(My AMAZING children❤)

Social media may not always be a “bad” thing. I’ve learned a few tricks to make some things go smoother when I was on there. Even got some good recipe ideas where my children could assist. So I’m not bashing social media. It was more reasons for my departure from social media than the questioning of my parenting skills.

I just had this on my mind today. A friend of mine was on facebook, and she was excited about some sales she’d found for school clothes. She said some people were commenting so negatively about people “bragging” on finding cheap clothes. Even going as far as making their own posts about HER post, talking bad about the place she chose to shop and post about. I think that is so very unnecessary, my friend was hurt and embarrassed. Even deleting the post, which I told her she shouldn’t have done. Informing other parents of sales they may not know about is supposed to be a good thing, not something to be trashed. Some people can be so rude for no reason, which makes me question their level of miserable. A person whose confident in their own lives and choices doesn’t attack people for no apparent reason.

This is just one example of the many stories I hear about the pettiness of some people and their fake social media lives. You know if you’re a good parent, you know if you try your best, and you don’t need any validation for that. Most of the time their entire supposed perfection is only seen on social media!

Love your children in such a way that they don’t require expensive materials, or continuous outings to be happy and content. Allowing others to make you question yourself in any way is ridiculous, and you have to distance yourself from that person or entity. You’ll never be enough if you’re in competition with anyone but you. Continue to grow and learn. Through trial and error we become better!

Love and positivity always ❤

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