The word LOVE isn’t strong enough

How can four letters explain the depth of my feelings for you?

How can four letters determine if I have you, care about you, or lose you?

How can I be “struck” (lovestruck) by the same thing I just “fell” (fell in love) for?

How can four letters dictate the emotional connection to my body? The vibrations tingling down from my spine to the ends of my toes?


Maybe we should add another letter, or choose another feeling. Fuck that create another word to describe this rush of multiple feelings all at once!

Needing you, desiring you, yearning for you, not being able to breathe without you! You are my everything, my oxygen and my air… without you I suffocate. Without you my world would be no more.

Somebody tell me how else to say that I LOVE YOU with all my soul.

We’re connected in so many ways. Connected by the heart, connected mentally, emotionally, intensely sexually. You cannot be duplicated, how I feel about you is what you feel about me. Together intertwined on this infinite ferris wheel, reaching highs to the sky and lows that feel as if we’re buried alive… Just to come up again higher than before. I am obsessed with just the thought of you. What would I do if you were to ever leave this earth before me? Panic ensues…

You’re deserving. You earned my trust, you earned my affection, you earned my loyalty, you earned a piece of me. The piece that’s the best of me. You did that baby, yessss you did that!

Now please give me a word, a word with measure, a word that’s not dense. A heavy ass word. A word with baggage. A word that’s not just four letters, but utilizes all of the alphabet and creates symbols into sounds so our mouths can say so much. Explain so much, portray so much. So our souls could speak it, so our tears could flow to a beat as we speak this enchanting word aloud.

Because when I’m without you my breath leaves me, when I don’t see you I feel blinded, when I can’t hear your voice I may as well be deaf cause I don’t hear shit else! You speak life into me. I know its cliche but it’s just the way I feel about you. Until there’s another way to explain this happiness, this joy, this desire…and all the ways it shows with minor glances, touches, and expressions. We will stick to that four letter word. Just know it’s not heavy nor long enough. My feelings are infinite, you are everything, my universe, and as I sit in our kingdom I will continue to show you everyday how much you mean to me my LOVE!!!

For my husband the love of my life, my soulmate and everything ❤

-LaLa Bullock

“A soulmate is someone to whom we feel profoundly connected, as though the communicating and communing that take place between us were not the product of intentional efforts, but rather a divine grace.” – Thomas Moore

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