I hate “phony” support…

I’m a real person, I have a real family, with real problems, and real bills! Like so many of you I would love to write everyday or just more than I’m able to do now. But with a husband and four children, it’s pretty tough to do what you “want” and just stick to what you “can.” That’s why on this blog and my other one, when I have time I’ll post multiple times, because one of the kids could get sick and then I’m on mommy duty for over week. (Which actually just happened BTW) I’m not getting paid for this, I just love sharing my points of view and seeing who relates or likes what I have to say.

Mommy’s little man

Sometimes the “love” gets lost when others aren’t benefiting. Let me go into a little detail without saying too much… I don’t have ANY social media. By choice almost 3 years ago I left my Life Coaching, Minority Mental Health, and personal facebook pages. They had pretty big followings, but I was so caught up with trying to help and please everyone, that my own mental health was being neglected. Also my children weren’t getting the attention they needed. With almost 25k followers I was glued to the screen most of the day and night. Doing Life Coaching sessions online and phone, posting constant content on all the pages, and trying to give my all in every post. I was drained! I referred my clients to a really great Coach who was a friend of mine, and deleted everything. So when I started blogs later, I knew I wouldn’t let it consume my life. But be an added bonus and make it enjoyable still.

I say this to say, that when I started my blog, some of my friends, family, and old followers got wind of it and begin asking for links and info. I let them know but had no expactations. Glad I didn’t! I asked a “friend” to share the link on her social media pages, and she’s like “I can’t cause I don’t want people to think I have to share their stuff all the time…” Girl what?! I don’t have social media, but when I did it took like seconds to share posts and pages! That was such a phony excuse, and this came from someone who is a huge supporter of my work… Ha

I don’t need fake support, if you like what I talk about then subscribe and share when you can. Don’t tell me oh I’m about to share this, then when I ask give me an excuse or say you will but don’t do it. I would rather someone say they didn’t like the post than to give phony feedback and fake love. I may be in my feelings because it isn’t just her, but believe me I’m going to do what I can to reach the masses. And I’m going to do it with my integrity, my sanity, and without anyone who only supports me when it’s beneficial for them to be associated with me!

I will start trying to post at least once a week, and linking my website and other blog to this platform soon. My voice will be heard and I feel as if my calling to help others like myself is not done yet. There is so much more that’s going to happen, with or without the support of some. I will be a voice in the Minority Mental Health field, just watch and believe in me!

That’s my old page

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