My podcast is coming!!!

I know a lot of you all are new to LaLazBlog on this platform. I took some time off and got completely off of social media. But while on my pages I had on facebook, I always wanted to do a podcast. I would make videos every week on my page, and my real, fun unapologetic attitude really got people interested. So I got a lot of people saying I should do a podcast. Well fast forward 2 years no social media, new medication dosage working perfectly 😉, the freed up time, and an AMAZING friend who had the same vision and thought of me… ITS NOW COMINGGGG!!!

I don’t want to give away too much, but we have the name of the podcast, the guy that’s doing our custom intro is ready for our soundbites, we have all the equipment and already getting shout-outs on radio and podcast stations that we’re coming soon. It’s 2 motivated black women with different spiritual backgrounds, and our own points of view about mental health. I’ll be using my Life Coaching in an open conversation platform to help others in different situations as well. And with her resume as an author, Reverend, Poet, and motivational speaker there’s going to be so much spice and fun mixed with unapologetic convo that’s appropriate for people of all walks of life! I’m so excited to be a part of this, and the more info I get the more I will add to my platforms.

And it’s not just for women, people with mental health issues or minorities, we’re going to be relatable to everyone! I’m smiling just writing a portion of what it’s going to be, I can’t wait to begin and see the feedback. It’s going to be recorded and then put on other social media sites as well. YouTube, and facebook for sure.

I hope this summer cold has passed before we start, because I don’t want to be introducing myself to the world sounding like a broken trumpet lol. But anyways, just wanted to tell you all about what’s been taking up a lot of my time, and give you something to look forward to. A show that’s like no other, we’re going to be tearing down stereotypes, giving information in an entertaining way, and leaving you always ready for the next show! Stay tuned loves 💖

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