Finally people are believing in my cause!

As some of you may know for the last 7 or 8 years I’ve devoted myself to advocating for those affected by mental illness, stopping the stigma of mental illness and helping survivors of abuse. Life Coaching, writing and motivational speaking have been the outlets I’ve used to try to get these causes heard. I had a big Facebook page called “Mental Illness Awareness for Minorities and Other Ethnicities.” But when I made some spiritual changes in my life, social media was something I swore off of. So I put my personal contact email addresses out where I could still be contacted and never looked back… almost 3 years ago.

Now that I’m beginning to write again with the blogs and websites, my other work is being noticed and asked about. Yes I still do speaking events, yes I still Life Coach, and I’m still advocating for the rights of those with and affected my mental illness. I know now it’s something more people are open to, discussing their battles with depression and mental health issues. But this was always a taboo subject that I never shyed away from. So when I began seeing those who kept their issues a secret being comfortable talking openly about their struggles, it really touched me! Especially minorities, in a lot of our communities mental illness is something you do not talk about. And even those in that field don’t take us seriously when we finally talk about how we’re feeling. Minorities are statistically much less likely to seek psychological help. Not because they don’t have any issues but because they aren’t taken as seriously by mental health professionals due to racial bias. I’m not going to go into that, but I am VERY passionate about it. This is supposed to be a positive post.

So anyways… I was invited to speak on several podcasts, host an event on survivors of domestic violence, and a couple more things I don’t want to jinx. But I’m so very excited about what’s to come, and glad that FINALLY people can appreciate someone whose trying to help others without money or notoriety being their main cause of doing the work. So many narcissistic people pretending to care about causes, instead their selling themselves and eventually they will always fail! When you do things from the heart, everything you need will be provided and I truly believe this. This post was to encourage those who have things they’re passionate about, but somehow they gave up on their dreams. Get it back going, or if you haven’t left yet DO NOT STOP PUSHING!!! You will be rewarded for being selfless, and wanting to spread your knowledge and gifts with others.

So much more to come, I can’t wait to start seeing positive changes in the things I am devoted to. Soon stigma against mental illness will no longer be taboo, and along with the openness will come more lives saved. Lives saved from judgement, shame, self hate and injustice. The less the stigma, the more that help will be sought out!

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